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28.06. - 02.09.2007




Dear Mayor, your excellences, dear ladies, gentlemen and colleagues.

I would just like on behalf of the organisers – the agency ARtlines, the Staré mesto borough of Bratislava, and the City of Bratislava, to welcome you warmly to the ceremonial opening of the twelfth year of the international exhibition SCULPTURE AND OBJECT.
This year the exhibition will take place as part of the Cultural Summer and Castle Festival 2007.
Sculpture and Object is one of few international events in the field of fine arts to be held here in Bratislava and in Slovakia regularly each year. 
I am extremely glad that this exhibition has found its own special place in the cultural offering of summertime Bratislava.
The idea to create a direct link between fine art and the audience in public places has been at the core of this exposition throughout its existence. It was there when the exhibition was born back in 1996 and it is there also today.
Sculpture and Object on the squares and in the streets and parks is available to a much larger audience, with mutual interaction producing positive moments from an encounter with art. It helps build up the relationship to art, it influences, cultivates and carves out the preferences of the audience, including those who have not yet found a way to galleries and museums.
The involvement of foreign artists in this exhibition puts Bratislava and Slovakia deeper into European cultural awareness, with fine art manifesting as a universal human communication tool, which contributes to better mutual knowledge and understanding between nations and the varied cultures of Europe. 
In the summer Bratislava therefore becomes a place where quality art combines with top artists. 
Just as this presentation is intended to introduce the audience to the broad range of possibilities and forms of sculpture, it likewise offers a broad spectrum of artists from different generations, from renowned artists to novices, or fresh graduates of art school. 
The variability of the concept endeavours at least in essence to present the multifaceted nature of contemporary sculpting to the audience.
This year’s exhibition will see more than 200 works put on display from 59 authors from 13 countries, i.e. Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Poland, Austria, Spain, Switzerland and Italy.
At the opening of this exhibition I have the pleasant duty of welcoming participating Slovak authors together with the various foreign artists who are attending the event in person:
Ondrej  Brody (CZ), Attila Csörgö(H), János Fajó (H), Zbigniew Fraczkiewicz (PL), Michele Giangrande (I), Peter Höll (A), Kovács Tamás László (H), Peter Mandzjuk (CH/SK), Andrey Moskov (BG), Christian Ruschitzka, (A), Pia Steixner (A), Eduard Tauss (A), Giuseppe Teofilo (I), Lars Waldemar (DK)
Welcome to Bratislava.

VIKTOR HULIK, from exhibition speech


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Exhibition places:

Bratislava Castle
Hviezdoslav Square
Dom umenia – House of Art
Gallery of Austrian Cultural Forum
Gallery of Bulgarian Cultural and Information Center
Gallery of Slovak Saving Bank
Municipal Gallery – Pálffy Palace
Gallery ForZet
Gallery Z

The main objective of the organizers of this event, is to mediate direct contact between the works of art and the audience as it was done in previous years.
The opportunity of barrier-free communication cultivates a relationship to art and refines aesthetic feeling and the spectator’s awareness.
International co-operation offers an opportunity to learn more about other cultures through art as the universal medium of communication.
This event was first held in the streets, squares and galleries of Bratislava in 1996 and gradually a small exhibition of several Slovak artists has expanded into an important and prestigious international event and has become an inseparable part of Bratislava cultural activities in the summer.
It is one of the few events in the field of visual arts, held annually in Slovakia.
Exhibition will take place at several galleries in the central part of Bratislava and at some other localities in the Bratislava Old-Town District.
59 artists from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Poland, Austria, Spain, Switzerland and Italy will take part at this year Sculpture and Object XII. exhibition.