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12.02. - 08.03.2009

In cooperation with:
US Embassy, Bratislava
Tatra Real
BSP Group
BSP Remo/MS Support


New York artists, Daniel Georges and Rumiko Tsuda have teamed with the Museum of Arts and Crafts-Itami (Japan) and Alma on Dobbin, a New York based non-profit fostering artistic exchange between central Europe and America, to mount “Your Documents Please”, a traveling exhibition that will be coming to Galéria Z (http://www.galeria-z.sk/) in Bratislava from February 12, 2009 through March 8, 2009.
As globalization increases mobility and erodes local bonds, the lives of people around the world are shaped by the legitimacy or illegitimacy of their status in the groups and institutions with whom they interact. Identification documentation such as passports, credit cards, drivers' licenses and calling cards has become the physical medium in which the political, commercial, cultural and ultimately the spiritual disposition of the individual are negotiated.  As new forms and criteria of identification are produced even the nature of identity is changed.
For “Your Documents Please” more than 250 artists living in 26 countries have engaged this medium directly. Participants were asked to make a small artwork about the size of a passport or smaller that functions visually or conceptually as if it were an identification document. The resulting traveling exhibition reflects a contemporary spectrum of issues of identity and the impact of its documentation.
In keeping with the focus on I.D. documents, in place of a conventional label, a letter size paper certificate with head photo of the artist, name, place of residence, country of origin as well as a photo of one of their previous art pieces and explanatory notes about the document they have made for the show is presented in a vinyl sleeve with each artwork.
The exhibition opened in Japan at The Museum of Arts and Crafts-Itami and traveled to Yokohama, Budapest and Berlin before coming to Bratislava. It will continue to Guadalajara in the spring.

Information about the show and the artists as well as catalog images of all the artworks are available at the web site, http://yourdocumentsplease.com.


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