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IAN KEEBLE - Environmental Studies
08.03. - 22.04.2018



This is an exhibition of recent works by the British artist Ian Keeble who has been resident in Slovakia for the past 20 years. There will be both drawings and paintings represented with in a variety of mediums and materials that the artist works with.

The title of the exhibition  Environmental Studies   referrers to observations and meditations,on the  environment of Bratislava and its surroundings, which have been explored over the long period the artist has lived here. This is a fusion with the environment that the artist  grew up with in England, physically, culturally and as memory. Of course this has an influence on his perception of time and space and is the  point where the past meets the present which can transform our sense of time. The artist wants to convey the perception of the  environment as a continuous field of energy, which is ever changing in time and space and which humanity is part of at the most fundamental level.

 The Artist would like to especially thank The British International School Bratislava and The British Council for their generous support which has made this exhibition possible. 



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