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arteMIX in Gallery Z
06.02. - 22.03.2020

Kyoko Adaniya Holm, Verena Ben Hmida Mairinger, Laszlo Botar, Csaba Fazakas, Robert Floch, Ulrich Gansert, Jiri Hastik, Nino Holm, Klaus Joachim Keller, Ivica Kroslakova, Jagoda Lessel, Ela Migasz Szczepaniak, Seline Pein Guadagnini, Verena Prandstätter, Petra Rasp, Gisela Reimer, Walter Ritter, Helmut Rusche, Petra Sela, Rudolf Svoboda, Editha Taferener, Norbert Völkerer



The artist community „arteMIX“ is an association (Union) of artists, with different art styles, from different cultures and with different expierences.

An important goal of our communtity is the promotion of artistic quality.

Through joint public activities the open-mindedness towards a collegial exchange of expieriences becomes obvious as well as the artist‘s individual work.

Through the connected diversity oft the members, every arteMIX- exhibition gets its own quality and perceptible dynamic.

Our vision is, on one hand, to get people interested in art, and on the other hand, to let them enjoy the creativity, the freedom and the joy of art.

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