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26.06. - 31.08.2003


The international exhibition entitled SCULPTURE AND OBJECT has, in its eight years of existence, become an integral part of the cultural summer season of Bratislava. The capital city, and in particular its central core, has undergone a major transformation in recent years. The neglected and lifeless centre, scarred by a lengthy period of devastation, has in a short space of time once more become a much sought after place that offers not only abundant possibilities on how to pleasantly spend free time, but also a wide variety of cultural activities. I am extremely glad that it was the numerous creative arts projects and the annual summer presentation of artistic works via SCULPTURE AND OBJECT, which were at the forefront of forming the new spirit of this district of Bratislava.
From the humble presentations of works of Slovak authors at the first exhibition back in 1996, the event has developed into an international event, which each year presents the sculptured works of artists from all over the world at various venues throughout Bratislava. The exhibition not only lets us witness the great diversity in the creative approaches of the authors, but also endeavours to present the audience with a full spectrum of contemporary art expressions by involving artists from different generations.
In a period when Europe is aspiring to unification, this event takes on yet another dimension – it manifests art as a universal communication medium between people, which helps induce better mutual understanding and awareness. 



One thing is sure. Art, real art, is a continuous longing for humanness, ongoing and often Sisyphus‘ work on something that some refer to as humanity, culture, or intellect.
Maybe that’s why the French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said that art does not originate from mere possession of things, but from a gift. Yes, art itself truly is a gift. As Mayor of the Old-Town district, I am extremely proud that our district in particular has the privilege of welcoming artistic sculptors here today.
You come to us to endow us with your special gift. A gift that is more precious than any other, because thanks to your art and virtuosity, we are also able to not only touch beauty in a metaphorical sense, but also in a physical one. 
A real human being is one who creates, this being particularly true of artists. Even an unsuccessful blow of the chisel represents part of the creative process. In art, the fate of each individual movement is not so essentially important in the end, because as Exupery says, it is as if art is born from the magical power innate in the fingers. Art is born not only from the successful movements of an artist, but also from disappointing ones. As one movement succeeds, another fails. A failed movement serves for the next, more successful one. And this second movement takes one to the final destination, even a man whose first movement failed. And so, he who brings others to beauty by his art elevates all of us in the end. Even those who have searched for it but failed. After all, he who touches beauty finds it for all of us.
Achieving beauty is a long and hard road however, and so I plead to you, masters of chisels, to continue helping us aspire to and touch beauty.
I would like to thank you already now for your effort and willingness.

Mayor BRATISLAVA – OLD TOWN district


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