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24.06. - 29.08.2004


Ladies and Gentlemen,
please allow me first of all on behalf of the organisers to warmly welcome you to the ceremonial opening of the of the ninth year of the international exhibition SCULPTURE AND OBJECT, which is this year held under the auspices of the Slovak Minister of Culture, Mr. Rudolf Chmel, and the mayor of the Old Town district of Bratislava, Mr. Peter Čiernik.
I would also like to welcome some colleagues – exhibiting artists from Slovakia, and our dear guests who came from abroad to honour us with their presence:
Mira Brtkova from Serbia, Olivier de Cayron from France, Michal Cimal and Antonín Kašpar from the Czech Republic, Adam Farkas and Istvan Haasa from Hungary, and Rudi Stanzel from Austria.
I would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the exhibiting artists for their willingness and active co-operation in bringing this event to fruition.

The international exhibition SCULPTURE AND OBJECT has become a regular part of the Bratislava summer season of cultural events and is one of the few international events in the field of the creative arts that is held on a regular basis each year in Slovakia.
The artistic works of domestic and foreign artists are presented to the audience at various locations in the central core of the city. Even though certain negative experiences with vandalism slightly forced the sculptures and objects of this event in recent years into more protected premises, the basic ideas of the event remain the same as they were in the very beginning – to put the audience into more direct contact with artistic works of art and so encourage their relationship to art, assist in the exchange of cultural values and as part of international co-operation create the opportunity to become more closely and mutually acquainted with other cultures via a universally understood medium as is creative art.
This idea is particularly topical this year as we joined the broad community of European countries and nations of the EU, meaning we are faced with and enticed by new possibilities for future mutual co-operation concerning the project.
The project was started back in 1996 and from the humble works of 13 domestic artists presented at the first exhibition it has gradually grown over the years into a large international event – this year’s exhibition houses around one hundred works of 44 authors from ten countries”.

Viktor Hulík, exhibition curator and principal organiser,
from the address at the opening ceremony of the exhibition on 24.6.2004


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